Demo 2015

by Tenants

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Recorded at The Happy Hole in January 2014


released January 23, 2015

Artwork by Greg

Mixed and mastered by Dean


tags: punk Duluth


all rights reserved


Tenants Duluth, Minnesota

Dean - drums/vox
Jesse - guitar/vox
Greg - guitar/vox
Twan - bass

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Track Name: We Are Not Alone
You never feel like hanging out with my friends
And I've never cared about where you've been
But still here we are waiting
For something to tell us that

We are not alone

We stood outside the show in the rain
Talking about nothing but our vain
Ambitions for the future
But I barely heard the words you said to me

"We are not alone, but the things that keep us together break down with distance and time"
Track Name: Hours
I've spent the past four hours running through my head
And you've been the only constant in a steady stream of thoughts
I've been trying to make things right but you've been fighting me all the night
The hours, oh the hours they dragged on

I wasn't ready for what you said
I wasn't ready for those things you said again
Track Name: Voices
Lost on a sea of complacency
My ships sinking fast and I won't be
Rescued by anyone or anything
So drown out my voice and teach me to think

There are so many voices but I can't hear what they say

Trapped on a peak of insecurity
There you will find me trying to break free
But I'm paralysed by a lack of clarity
And the thirst for knowledge of eternity

There are so many voices but I can't hear what they say
There are so many voices but I can't hear what they say to me.
Track Name: Used
You've spent your whole life picking stupid fights, that's not a good way to be. You're a lowlife fuck who's down on your luck, still, for some reason you've targeted me. Why can't you see that I don't wanna be your bitch? I've taken too much, I should just give up. Please won't you just let me be? You've pushed me around for way too fucking long, if I killed you would I finally be free? Why can't you see that I don't wanna be your bitch? I'm not your bitch.
Track Name: Plain To Me
Why can't I see when every time I fight it off? That all this shit is coming back, coming with a cost. What do you do when everything you fucking know scares you half to death and then drops you to the floor? I felt it for so long I can't tell what's been real. I never longed for so long for something that didn't matter anyways. I guess it's plain to me that life's not a game to beat, but if you stick with me maybe we can find retreat tonight. If you stick with me maybe we can get fucked up tonight.
Track Name: Not For Rent
My friendship is not for rent

If you only choose to acknowledge me in certain social contexts, then don't acknowledge me at all